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Experience Change with De'vine Infinity Therapeutic Services

The Possibilities Are Endless.
Today Is Another Day To Improve.
Transforming Lives, Building Independence.



 I have seen and understood the barriers that we face as people. The challenges that are surrounded and embedded in Mental Health. Military families and civilians face many challenges today as a licensed mental health/substance use psychotherapist not only do my academic experiences make me the best therapist, but my lived experiences qualify me to reach deeper in understanding each individual who crosses paths with me. As new challenges arise, we will face them as a team. There is no “I” in a team. I am the Navigation that will aid you on your journey to a health-balanced life. My therapeutic specialty services are as follows but not limited to Family, children (9-16), couples, and substance disorders. My listed skillset allows me to work with all demographics, race, and gender.

  • Individual

  • Cognitive therapy.

  • Interpersonal therapy.

  • Psychoanalysis.

  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy.

  • Supportive psychotherapy.

  • Behavioral therapy

  • Community-Based Behavioral Health (Restorative Justice/Justice Involved)

  • Certified Financial Social Worker

  • Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor



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